soccerbootguru IS BACK!!! follow the link!

hey guys.

has been a while but we will be back – finally. will be back online for you very soon.

we are working on the new design and the new concept and i can say we are almost done, but we don’t want to give you an empty site at the beginning. so we are collecting data and news. getting the design straight and then we will get the page online at new year.

we don’t want to change very much on soccerbootguru. the site will provide you with news all around football boots and other soccer equipment.

it will be very hard to start soccerbootguru all over again. but with your help everything is possible.

the new domain will be thats the only difference to the old known 😉 due i didn’t hold the domain and some other dude parked it immediately.

maybe you want to check us out on facebook:

we are also looking for long-term help. so if you are interested in writing some articles about soccer boots, kits or other equipment, please leave a comment or write an email or post on the wall on facebook.

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