Beckham wearing new Predator X

November 2, 2009

neu-1neu-2Here are another 2 pics of the new Predator X which was worn by David Beckham the first time this week.

Beckham Predator X closeup

November 2, 2009

neu-3beckham_predator_X_soleHere are closeup pics of the new Predator X of David Beckham. Looks really cool imo, the dragens aren’t too much, they just fit. He does NOT have a customized tongue, but a customized soleplate. As already mentioned, the stud system is the old one, not the new six-stud system. Second is, that he still has the powerpulse of the powerswerve.

Beckham in new Predator X (own white/red colourway)

November 2, 2009


So also David Beckham got his brand new Predator X. First it was expected, that he will begin with the standard white/yellow model, but as you can see he is already playing in his special colourway.

Maybe there will be better pics in a few days, because i really want to know if he is playing in the standard tongueless model, or if he has a special one with fold-over tongue. As most of you will already know, Beckham was always a fan of the tongue and had his own style to wear it pulled out almost up to his toes. Another thing what makes me think about that is, that it seems to be a special model already, because he has got the old stud-system, not the six-stud-system


Adidas Predator X already on miAdidas

November 2, 2009


much earlier than the other predator models, the brand new Predator X is already available on miadidas in america.

for 270$, which is around 180€ you can customize your new powerboot. but i have to say that the possibilities to create a good looking colourway are very very few. It’s because you can only choose between 3 colours for the “thermoframe window”, which are white, grey and dark blue. so if you choose a green, gold or orange upper, tell me which of these 3 colours would fit them 😉 right, none…

but try it yourself!