Adidas Predator X first player spottings

October 31, 2009


here are the first official player spottings, kuyt and ballack.

i have to say the black/red ones look much better than i expected in the first time, but i looooooooove the white ones.

Adidas Predator X rugby

October 31, 2009


well, on the first spot there may not be much differences, maybe like all the other former rugby versions will have slightly modified predator elements.

but it looks like the rugby version doesn’t have the powerspine.

Adidas Adipure iii and Predator X world cup colourway

October 28, 2009

Gerrard in Predator_X 'World Cup'  + adiPURE III schwarz-gelb

another outtake of the adidas catalogue for 2010 shows the world cup editions of the adipure iii and the predator x.

Adipure iii confirmed for january 2010

October 28, 2009

3653983384_1488216486_oadiPURE III KatalogbeschreibungHere are some catalogue outtakes for the adipure iii.

under the description you can see it says available in november 2009, but adidas officially confirmed that they won’t be available until january 2010.

Adidas Adipure III blackout worn by kaká

October 27, 2009


two nice pics of kaká wearing the new adipure III in training session.

Adidas Predator X unboxing both launch colourways

October 27, 2009


Adidas Predator X Zidane launch video

October 27, 2009


great vid!!!

Adidas Predator X lab testing videos

October 27, 2009




very impressive video footage of the lab testing phase of the Predator X. Powerspine and the predator elements in action.

Adidas Predator X official pictures, release colourways and release date

October 27, 2009


So finally adidas released official pics of the new Predator X and the colourways for the release in mid-november.

They are already available for pre-order in some stores, so keep your eyes open 😉

Now let me say a few words to the “TruStrike” tale. Now it’s official, there is no TruStrike in the name of the Predator. It’s just Predator X. The name TruStrike was never supposed to be taken. It was just added to by someone, and so it became popular. Even tough i have to say TruStrike would be much cooler than just Predator_X but who cares about the name if the boot is good 😉

Now a few specs of the boot:

NEW INSOLE now called POWERSPINE and it minimises power loss while your shot.

Material is reduced between the ball and the boot by removing the tongue – to get better touch

Upper material is Taurus calf leather – no K-leather anymore

Adidas Predator X TruStrike graphic – picture release date, Premier league debut

October 20, 2009

predator-xHere is the official adidas Predator_X graphic which was released by adidas this week.

Further I can say, that the first official pics by adidas will be released on 26th of october 2009, and another week later, on the weekend of 31st of october and 1st of november, the boot will be officially worn by players in the english premier league. So keep your eyes open on Ballack, Gerrard, Berbatov and Co.

Also is expected that this weekend they can already be spotted in the german bundesliga. As soon as players are spotted, i will post pics as fast as possible so keep on checking out the blog 😉